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 Husband: Abraham Larue
    Born: between 1660 AND 1662 (1 2)
          Probably Holland

Died: 1711 in probably Hopewell Twp., NJ (3)
Spouses: Alche Gerritszen
    Wife: Maria Magdelaine Uzille
    Born: before 1662
Died: before 1692
01   (M): Peter Larue
Spouses: Elizabeth Cresson

Additional Information

Abraham Larue:
Aunt Susie suspects he lived in the vicinity of the present day villiage of Harbourton, Hopewell Twp., NJ. He may be buried in the churchyard there. There are many early graves here and most are marked only by crude uninscribed fieldstones.
Residence: 4 5 6 7
Probably born in Holland of French Huguenot ancestry, coming to America in the period between 1670 and 1680 (Larew 1975).

Davis says Abraham came to the Province of New york about 1680 with two brothers, Jacques and Franz, from Manheim "In the Palz".

Dubbs notes that the name of Jaco el Roey, Jacque el Roe and Jaco el Roe appears in records of the villiage of Harlem, NY as early as 1673. He believes this was Jacques LeRoux or Jacobus Laroe, the man some researchers feel was a brother to Abraham. If this is correct, then Abraham's family may have lived in Harlem during this earlier perios (1673-1676). Abraham presumably born c. 1660-62 would only have been 11-13 years old in 1673 and thus was too young for his name to appear in the Harlem accounts (Dubbs).

The earliest record of him yet discovered relates to his ownership and transfer of land in the settlement of Esopus, Old Ulster, now called Kingstone, NY in 1688. The property of Abram Laroe is referred to in a conveyance of Feb. 13, 1688 (Mather 1921).

The next record is the baptism of his son Peter on March 25, 1688. Dubbs says this is found in Dr. Randall Roswell Hoes' translation of the Kingston Book of Records of Births and Marriages in the Dutch Reformed Church (Dubbs).

Sept. 1 1689, at Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, Apraham Larew took the oath of allegiance to the Governor of New York. Mather thinks this implies a prior allegiance to the Dutch who governed NY colony until 1664 (Mather 1921). This does not seem plausable since Abraham presumably did not come to New York until 1670 at the earliest, some years after the colony had passed to the English. Karl Larew proposes that the "Glorious Revolution" of 1688 in England whereby the Protestant monarchs William and Mary took over the throne had more to do with Abraham's oath of allegiance. A new governor was appointed to New York and it may be that he required New Yorkers to swear an oath to him, and therefore by implication to the new king and queen (Larew 1975).

Abraham sold his land in Esopus on January 31, 1690 or 1692 (Larew 1975, Dubbs). He moved to Staten Island where on April 5, 1694 he was elected Constable by the Freeholders (Mather 1921).

Sept 21 1702 he made his will while living on Staten Island.

In 1706Aeltye Laroe and Johan Corsson witnessed the baptism of Josua, child of Stoffel Van Santen. This is recorded in records of th eDutch Reformed Church of Staten Island, NY published in the collections of the NY Genealogical and Biographical Society, v. 4 (Dubbs).

April 1 1706, Abraham LaRew was elected Constable of the NOrth Division of Staten Island (Mather 1921).

About 1707 he moved to Hopewell Twp., NJ. (Larew 1975) It is not known exactly where he settled but two of his sons, James and Abraham, are known to have owned land near the present day village of Harbourton, NJ. It may be that Abraham and Alche themselves settled near Harbourton.
Will: 20 SEP 1702, Staten Island, NY
See Documents section of this site for Abraham's will.

Dubs says "We know that many families from Hopewell Twp. Hunterdon Co., NJ attended the Dutch Reformed Church at Bensalem, Bucks Co., PA or its branch at Neshaminy, for some of the births and marriages of these people, or their attendance as witnesses are registered in teh records of these churches... (Dubbs)." The baptism "at Hoopwell" on June 6, 1710 of "Isack son of Abraham Laroe and Aeltye Gerritsen" is found in records of this church. (Publishedi n the Publications of the Pennsylvania Society v. 5, p. 31)(Dubbs). This suggests that the minister of the Bucks Co. PA Dutch Reformed churches at Bensalem and Neshaminy also served a congregation at Hopewell, NJ, or perhaps the Hopewellites journeyed across the Deleware to attend church in Bucks Co., PA (some considerable distance for those times).

There is probably another daughter. Anna S. La Rue (in Dubbs) says Ester, wife of Cornelius Prall (brother of Aaron) was probably the daughter of Abraham La Rue and sister of Jane.

Maria Magdelaine Uzille:
Name: Maria Magdelaine Larue


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