Secor Family Genealogy: Exploring Our Ancestry
Oliver G. Secor and Sarah Taylor Secor on farm near Savannah, NY
Oliver G. Secor (middle) and Sarah Taylor Secor (right) with a hired hand (left) on their farm near Savannah, NY.

Welcome to our family's genealogy website!

This site contains the ancestry research that my late Aunt, Susan Secor, did and I continued. Her detailed notebooks and attention to the little things have been an inspiration to me. Although this site is called 'Secor Ancestry', in researching I've found that even though surname is important, there is so much rich history that it is difficult to encapsule into one word or web address! I hope that others in my family and far flung cousins that are doing genealogy research that intersects with ours find these pages interesting and useful.

The genealogy starts with my Great Grandparents. To browse their ancestry, click on their name or if you are interested in a specific person use the surnames link or name index link. The site is so big and cumbersome to navigate that I might put a site search in eventually. For now I haven't found a search that isn't costly because the site is so large that I can ethically use:

Lion Gardner's grave
Lion Gardner's grave in East Hampton, NY.


An Eisenhart website is in the works. Until this site is active, please contact me if you have questions or are interested in attending the yearly Eisenhart reunion in Spring Valley. I will put you in touch with the person in charge!


The main bulk of the web site (inside the Surnames and Names index links) was done with a gencom to HTML converter, Ged-Gen 1.7. The Gedcom file and trees were generated using The Master Genealogist Gold v6. I built the other pages using Dreamweaver CS4.

Late November 2008

This site has been put up as a work in progress. There are typos, perhaps some bad information, incomplete information and no sources at this time. If you want my source for a particular person or event, please contact me!