Secor Family Genealogy: Exploring Our Ancestry

Graveyard Index

The Graveyard Index lists where locations where people are buried and any information from their tombstones. I am currently in the process of going through my database and updating references and information. I will add more gravestone information and organize it better as I do this.

Northampton, MA

Bridge Street Cemetery: Joseph Parson’s Jr., Esq.

Andover, MA
South Parish Church Graveyard: d. 1712 Robert Russell—first person buried here, emigrated to America about 1640. Wife Mary also buried here.


Copp’s Hill Burying Ground: Sarah Dickinson Reade and husband Decon Esdras Reade.

Rehoboth, MA:

Rehoboth Villiage Cemetery: Roger Amidon b. 1624 France D. 1673.  We couldn’t find his stone.

Easthampton, NY:

Captain Lion Gardiner: Easthampton, NY. South End Burying Ground on the east side of the village green at James Lane and Main Street

Hartford, CT:

David Gardiner: corner of Main and Gold St. near Center Church in Hartford. Tombstone is laying flat on top of a tomb of mortared granite.

Old Burying Ground of First Presbyterian Church, Southold, NY:

Terry, Mary Elizabeth (Curtis) (mother Ada Curtis Terry) George Henry Terry, her husband, probably here to?
Terry, Richard 1676
Corwin, Mathius d. 1658
Horton, Barnabus 1680 slab. He brought his gravestone with him from England.
Horton, Bethiah 1733
Horton, Captain Jonathan 1707 same stone w/barnabas
Horton, William 1550-1640 maybe Barnabas’s father?
Horton, James 1762 and wife Anna (Goldsmith) Horton 1783
Hutchinson, Samuel 1737
Reeve, Ensign Benjamin 1752
Terry, Thomas 1672
Wells, William 1671 slab
Wells, William 1696
Reverend John Youngs slab 1672
Colonol John Youngs, slab. Stone markings work smooth.
Goldsmith, Bethia is buried as Bethiah Terry Steer 1739.

Terry Burying Ground, Orient, NY:

Terry, Jonathan 1775 and wife Lydia Tuthill Terry 1780

Old Willington Hill Cemetery, Willington CT.

-Curtis, Mary Elizabeth (Parsons), wife of Selden, mother of Mary Elizabeth Curtis
- Curtis, Selden
- Curtis, Martha Aurelia (Skinner), 2nd wife of Selden stepmother to Mary Elizabeth.
- Curtis, William, Selden’s father.

-Holt, Abiel, father Isaac Holt.
-Holt, Hannah, Abiel’s wife
-Holt, Isaac, father of Mary Polly (Holt) Curtis.
-Holt, Sarah, Wife to Isaac

-Parsons, Chloe (Weston) Rufus’s wife mother to Mary Elizabeth (Parsons) Curtis
-Parsons, Rufus

-Weston, Ann, James’s wife Mother of John Weston
-Weston, John Deacon father to Chloe (Weston) Parsons
-Weston, Molly (Converse) wife of John

Lower Cemetery, North Canaan, CT

-Stevens, Captain Benjamin

Old Cemetery, south of Canaan, CT

Thomas Stevens 1750