Secor Family Genealogy: Exploring Our Ancestry

Eisenhart Drug Store

Bangor Central Pharmacy Bangor Central Pharmacy, interior.
Edwin Kemmer Eisenhart Sr. graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. He came to Bangor, Pennsylvania in 1890 and originally partnered with a man named Smith in the Bangor Central Pharmacy. The photograph to the left is E. K. (center) and standing outside the store with two men, one of which I assume is Smith. This store was across the street from what eventually became Eisenhart Drug Store. The photo to the right is the interior of this store. Notice the soda fountain on the left behind the counter.
Eisenhart family in front of Eisenhart Drugs E. K. Eisenhart Jr. and Caroline Hewitt Eisenhart in front of Eisenhart Drugs
Eisenhart Drug Store was founded in 1899 and was built in a German Style. While the majority of E. K.'s ancestors are German, they had been in the country for over 100 years. His father in law, Joseph Ketterer, was an immigrant from Germany. I am guessing that E. K. met Anna Ketterer when he was attending school in Philadelphia. The picture on the left is E. K. Sr, Anna, Dorothy and E. K. Jr. in front of the store in 1909. E. K. Jr. became a Pharmacist as well and the store remained open until his retirement. The photograph on the right is Edwin K. Eisenhart Jr. and Caroline Hewett Eisenhart in front of the store in 1976.