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 Husband: Dilts Larue
    Born: 17 SEP 1799 in Delaware Twp., Hunterdon, NJ (1)
Married: 27 JUL 1822 in Hunterdon, NJ (6)
Died: 12 NOV 1862 in Liver Complaint
Father: Daniel LaRue
Mother: >>>
    Wife: Susan Hoagland
    Born: 11 JUN 1799 in Baptistown, NJ (3 4)
Died: 07 NOV 1887 in Deleware Twp., NJ (5)
Father: Richard Hoagland
Mother: Catherine
01   (M): Daniel A. Larue
Born: 1830
Died: 31 MAY 1893 in Lemuel Hoffman Farm, Raven Rock, NJ
Spouses: Agnes Salter; Harriet A. Smith

Additional Information

Dilts Larue:
Residence: 1850, Deleware, Hunterdon, NJ 2
Dilts Larowe 49, Susan 50, Hulda (?) 17, Rachel 15. Value of real estate $1200
Buried: Sandy Ridge Cemetery, NJ
Stones lean against church
Occupation: farmer
Born and died in Delaware Twp. Hunterdon Co., NJ.
Census records: 1830-Amwell Twp., 1850 Delaware Twp (formed from Amwell), 1860 Socton, Delaware Twp.

April 1, 1848 Dilts Larew "of Bucks Co., PA" bought from Daniel Larew of Delaware Twp. for $1200 a tract of 24 acres in Delaware Twp.

Since Dilts' wife Susan is thought to have lived out of the state for 16 years, Dilts and Susan may have lived in Bucks Co., PA approximately during the period of 1832-1848. This thought is reinforced by the fact that Dilts had a nephew William H. LaRue (son of his brother Uriah) who is believed to have lived in Bucks Co., PA for a time when he married into the Thompson family (Davis' History of Bucks Co.). Not that Dilts' daughter Permelia Ann who died in 1846 may have married a Thompson.

The 1848 deed represents land purchased by Dilts from his father. Included in Daniel's will "Bond and mortgage against Dilts Larew $1254.00." this may have been a mortgage on the 24 acres Dilts bought. This land bordered Wicheoake Creek and lands of Phillip rockafellow, Joseph Leigh, Green Sergeant, and John Webster. Consulting Samuel Cornell's 1851 map of Hunterdon Co. I find "D. Larew" near Sergeants Mills on the road leading from the bridge to Prallsville. Nearby is Wicheoake Creek and lands of all the above mentioned persons. So it seems quite likely that this is where Dilts settled upon returning from Bucks County. In Dilts' will of 1862 he directs that this 24 acres be sold. In 1863 Dilts' son and executor Daniel sold the 24 acres to James Aller (Hunterdon Deeds v. 127, p. 725).

Dilts Larowe served as tax collector for Delaware Twp. 1853-1855. He was a Deacon at the Sandy Ridge Baptist Church (Snell's history of Hunterdon Co. p. 374-379). The date given in Snell for the latter is 1867 which must be erroneous since Dilts died in 1862.

Children (from family Bible, tombstone inscriptions and correspondence with Mrs. Middleton):

Sarah LaRue b. Feb 9, 1824, d. Nov. 13, 1825. Mrs. Middleton says she is buried at Sandy Ridge and that her tombstone reads d. Nov 13, 1824 ae. 1 yr. 9 m but Aunt Susie didn't find the marker.

Parmelia Ann LaRue b. July 6, 1825 d. April 2, 1846. A letter of 5-5-1924 from Anna S. LaRue to Hiram Deats (found in the LaRue file of the Hunterdon County Historical Society Library) refers to her as Permelia Ann Thompson. If this is correct, she may have married before she died. As her parents are thought to have been living in Bucks Co., PA at this time, she may be buried there.

Catherine LaRue b. Nov. 24, 1827 d. march 4, 1844. Mrs. Middleton says that she is buried at Sandy Ridge, Aunt Susie didn't find the marker.

Daniel A. LaRue v. May 11, 1830 d. may 31, 1893. Buried at Sandy Ridge Cemetery. Married 1. Agnes Salter 1829-1867 dau. of John Salter and Elizabeth Wolverton 2. Harriet A. Smith 1846-1923 dau. of Joseph Smith.

Huldah Brown LaRue b. July 25, 1832 Named in Dilts' will as Huldah Grovendyke, wife of Ebenezer. Mrs. Middleton says Hunt. Co. Marriage records show Huldah B. Larew m. 2-20-1856 Abernetha Greendyke.

Rachel Matilda LaRue b. Jan. 29, 1835 d. March 26, 1909. Married John F. S. Smith.

Watson Fell LaRue b. Mar 15, 1837 d. June 8, 1877 He is assumed to be the Watson F. LaRue buried at Sandy Ridge Cemetery d at age 39 y 3m _d. NJ Index to Wills has entry for 1877 will adn inventory for Watson F. LaRue of Essex Co., so he may have lived there.

Susan Mariah LaRue b. Jan 7, 1841.

Susan Hoagland:
Name: Susan Larue
Buried: Sandy Ridge Baptis Church Cemetery, NJ

Susan's death record states that she was a resident of the state for 72 years, yet she lived to age 88. Perhaps this means she lived out of the state for 16 years.


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