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 Husband: John Diltz Larue
    Born: 18 JUL 1859 in John Salter Farm, Sergeants Mills, NJ (1)
Married: 23 OCT 1884 in Sergeantsville M.E. Church, Sergeantsville, Nj
Died: 14 JUL 1943 in Hopewell, NJ
Father: Daniel A. Larue
Mother: Agnes Salter
    Wife: Ada B. Sutton
    Born: 1858
Died: 27 JAN 1917 in Hopewell, NJ, USA (3)
Father: Amos Sutton
Mother: Caroline Anderson
01   (M): Lester Raymond LaRue (4)
Born: 09 NOV 1886 in Sergeantsville, Hunterdon, NJ (7)
Died: 20 AUG 1949 in Coronary Thrombosis, Hopewell, Mercer, NJ, USA (5 6)
Spouses: Susan LaRue

Additional Information

John Diltz Larue:
Buried: 16 JUL 1943, Highland Cemetery, Hopewell, NJ 2

Born on old John Salter farm located between Sergeantsville and Rosemont at Sergeants Mills (Lester laRue's notebook).

Remarried to Louisa Ford later in life. She was a "Methodist fanatic."

Lived in little house by Green Sergeant's bridge, near Sergeantsville NJ. Lester LaRue bonr here.

Lived on Model Ave, hopewell, NJ.

Lived a while with son's family in Andrew Wyckoff's house, Cherry Lane, Hopewell after Ada died.

Lived in Trenton before and after married.


Lester Raymond LaRue 1886-1949.

Elsie May LaRue Stern 1889-1978. (Aunt Elsie says she was born in the little house at the end of the old covered bridge (Sergeants Mills) in the right hand room at the top of the stairs in 1889 early in the morning. The sun was shining so her mother told her. (Granpa lester LaRue was also born in this house.)

Prudence Hulda LaRue Wykoff 1894-

Mary Agnes LaRue Williamson 1896-

Bertha Carolyn LaRue Quick Wilson 1898-

Infant twins, males, born 5 months premature on April 26, 1885.

Worked in Trenton and lived there from time to time. met 2nd wife in Trenton. Was supported by children when he was older.

Mom thinks he was a farmer. Aunt Elsie says he was a farmer all his young life. Mom says John and Ada moved to Hopewell sometime before Lester and Susie did. They rented half of a double house on Model Ave. Later when Lester and Susie moved to Hopewell from Wertsville they lived in the other half of the double house. John D., Lester and Susie all worked at H.A. Smith Novelty Co.

Aunt Elsie says her parents lived (when she was young) on a farm near Kingwood known as the rev. Moore farm. She and Lester walked 2 m i les to the Scott school. She was 5 and he was 8. They got so tired they would have to rest on the roadside. She says John D. LaRue was a very kind person and they had lots of fun playing jokes on him. He had light sandy hair. He was raised by John Salter as they lived on the John Salter farm and Agnes (his mother) died when John D. was very young. John Salter's wife Elizabeth died 1 year after Agnes. (don't know what Aunt Elsie means here. Agnes died 1867, Elizabeth died 1868, Daniel remarried 1869. Did John D. stay with John Salter when Daniel remarried? Perhaps she just meant John Salter helped raise John D.) John D. LaRue was there when they found John Salter had committed suicide by hanging himself in the barn. Aunt Elsie says John D. and Mary were kept by the Salters and stayed there until he took his life.

According to Aunt Mary, John D. LaRue was medium height and weight. he had light hair when young-he greyed very young. he was jolly and good hearted. He was baptized a Baptist at Lambertville near the bridge in the Delaware River. He always went to church. She says John D. lived in Lambertville when he was real young.

Mom (Mary Elizabeth LaRue Secor) always describes her grandfather by saing "he was his own worst enemy." Evidently money just slipped through his fingers - he never could or would save anything or make a go of anything. When he was older he did receive public assistance. Mom's father, Lester, and Aunt Mary, and perhaps the other sisters too gave him financial assistance. After Ada died, John D. went to live with Lester and Susie at Andrew Wyckoffs for a while. Grandma LaRue did not approve of John D.'s unthrifty ways. She called him "John D. Rockefeller." John D. would get all dressed up and take the trolley into Trenton. Eventually he got a job in Trenton and boarded there. He met Louisa Bertele (widow Ford) in Trenton and married her unbeknownst to his children. When they found out that he had married again they were angry because John D. could not afford to marry and support a household without continued support from his children.

Ada B. Sutton:
Name: Ada B. Larue
Buried: 31 JAN 1917, Highland Cemetery, Hopewell, NJ, USA


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