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 Husband: Howard LaRue
    Born: 21 DEC 1849 in Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ, USA (1 2)
Died: 29 APR 1916 in near Ringoes, Mercer, NJ, USA (3)
Father: Mark Larue
Mother: Lavinia Shepherd
    Wife: Mary Elizabeth Shadinger
    Born: OCT 1848 in PA, USA (6 7)
Died: 1925
Father: Nathan Shadinger
Mother: Charlotte Bissey
01   (F): Susan LaRue
Born: 06 DEC 1889 in Hart's Corner, Near Pennington, Mercer, NJ, USA (9)
Died: 12 OCT 1965 in Hopewell, Mercer, NJ, USA
Spouses: Lester Raymond LaRue

Additional Information

Howard LaRue:
Buried: Amwell Ridge Cemetery, Ringoes, Hunterdon, NJ, USA 4 5
Aunt Susie calls this Larison's Corner Cemetery on Amwell Twp.

"Howard LaRue worked for many years as a farm hand on other peoples' farms. At long last, he was able to buy his own farm near Ringoes, NJ. He has just gotten all the hay in one year when his barn burned to the ground; all his stock was destroyed. Although he was able to rebuild his barn and buy new stock, he had to go into debt to do it. In addition to this, his son, Lambert, was a great worry to him. Lambert was very fond of horse racing and refused to help with the farm work. Howard LaRue had to hire his farm help. Unfortunatly, this tragedy seemed to have effected his mind. He had always been a rather quiet and moody man. From time to time he would withdraw into himself and become very depressed and melancholy. At these times he acted very strangely and often went off by himself to pace back and forth for a long time. Knowing that he had suicidal tendancies, his family watched him closely. Seeing signs of his illness coming on, his wife would make arrangements to send him to a hospital for treatments. On at least one occasion he had been sent to the hospital and returned home again. One day when his daughter, Susie LaRue and his Grandaughter, Mary Elizabeth LaRue, were visiting, Howard was acting strangely again. He slowly walked out across his fields on the hillside opposite the house, and there next to the woods he paced back and forth trailed by his black cat for hours. his family watched him closely while Lambert went to Flemington to have papers signed which would enable Howard to be admitted again to the hospital. After a while they noticed that Howard was no where in sight, so they went searching for him. His wife found him in the wagon house. He had hung himself."
told to Susan Secor by Mary Elizabeth LaRue Secor

charles B. LaRue 1874-
Buisy or Bizzie or Bissey LaRue 1877-1877
Wilson LaRue 1879-1879
Winfield S. LaRue 1880-1892
Walter LaRue 1886-1924
Susie LaRue 1889-1965

Rockefeller Association book shows Howard as being born in 1850, but his death certificate says 1852. He his listed in the 1850 census as Howard R. Larowe (with Mark and Lavina Larowe as parents).

Mary Elizabeth Shadinger:
Name: Mary Elizabeth Larue
Buried: 1825, Amwell Ridge Cemetery, Ringoes, Hunterdon, NJ, USA 8
Aunt Susie's notes call this Larison's Corner Cemetery on Amwell Twp.


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