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 Husband: Francis Curtis
    Born: 20 MAY 1696 in Plymouth, MA (1)
Married: 12 MAY 1720 in Plymton, MA (6)
Died: 18 MAY 1753 (2)
Father: John Curtis
Mother: Charity
    Wife: Sarah Ransom
Father: Joshua Ransom
Mother: Susanna Garner
01   (M): William Curtis
Born: 09 JUL 1721 in Plympton, MA (4)
Died: Unknown (5)  Pehapd 1775 as in that year his son Henry was bonded as guardian to minors Asa and Mehitable.
Spouses: Mehitable Amidon

Additional Information

Francis Curtis:
Residence: 3
After marriage first resided in Plympton MA later removed to Dudley MA with brother John and perhaps father John too. Dudley was set off from Oxford MA on Feb 2 1732 and is quite close to the town of Woodstock, CT where the family had connections.

Sarah Ransom:
Name: Sarah Curtis


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