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 Husband: John Gallup
    Born: about 1615 in England
Married: 1643
Died: 19 DEC 1675 in Swamp Fight, King Philip's War, South Kingston, RI
Father: John Gallup
Mother: Christobel
    Wife: Hannah Lake
Father: John Lake
Mother: Margaret Read
01   (F): Elizabeth Gallup
Born: in Stonington, CT
Spouses: Henry Stevens

Additional Information

John Gallup:
Immigration: 04 SEP 1633
Came with mother, 2 brothers and sister, Joan in the ship Griffin.
Residence: 1640, Taunton
Moved from Boston to Taunton
Milit-Beg: 1675
"When King Philip's War broke out New London County raised a company of seventy men under Capt. John Mason of Norwich and Capt. George Dennison of Stonington. Capt. John Gallup joined them at the head of the Mohegans, a band of friendly Indians. These troops formed a union with those of the other colonies and were engaged in the fearful Swamp Fight, Dec 19, 1675 at Narraganset, within the limits of South Kingston, RI. In storming the fort, Capt. Gallup led his men bravely forward and was one of the six captains who fell in the memorable fight. He was buried with his fallen comrades in one grave near the battle ground."
Residence: 1654, Stonington (New London)
Moved to live upon a grant of land given to him by the town in 1650, in recognitio nof distinguished services of himself and his father in the Pequod War.

Hannah Lake:
Name: Hannah Gallup

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