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 Husband: James Larue
    Born: 11 OCT 1758 in Amwell, NJ (1)
Married: 01 FEB 1789 in at Peter Rockefeller's home. (8)
Died: 29 DEC 1841 in Amwell, NJ (2)
Father: Isaac Larue
Mother: Jerusha Hyde
    Wife: Elizabeth Rockefeller
    Born: 05 OCT 1770 in Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ (4)
Died: 28 SEP 1831 in Amwell, NJ (5)
Father: Peter Rockefeller
Mother: Catherine Larue
01   (M): Mark Larue
Born: 09 AUG 1805 in Amwell, NJ (6)
Died: 14 FEB 1901 in Ringoes, NJ (7)
Spouses: Lavinia Shepherd

Additional Information

James Larue:
Buried: 1841, Seond English Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mt. Airy, NJ, USA
Stone illegible except for his name.
Baptised: 03 NOV 1804, Second Church of Amwell, Mt. Airy, NJ, USA 3
Baptised and admitted to full churge membership.

See Stories section on this site for James LaRue's Revolutionary War service.

James is presumed to be a son of this Isaac based upon the following evidence: (1) Isaac's estate was divided in 1788 among his widow Jerusha and 4 other persons thought to be his sons, Abram, James, Joseph and Isaac. (2) James' application for a pension based on his Revolutionary War service contains a statement of his "cousin" Peter Larew that Peter lived with James Larew's father until 1785 (this being the year Isaac died.) (3) Dubbs' statement that James was a son of this Isaac.

Dubbs give the following description of James: James I. LaRue was of medium height, about 5 ft 7 inches, had sandy hair, and looked much like his son Mark. He was proud, quick, high-tempered, some what of a dandy, carried a silver headed cane, liked fine clothes, wore a wig at last, would raise himself on his toes often, was a talker, and like to address a crowd of men. He was a farmer and dealt in blooded horses.

Born and died in Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ. Between 1793 and 1796 three of their children were both at Alexandria, NJ so they must have lived there for a time. Presumably this means Alexandria Township.

The index to Grantors in Hunterdon Deeds shows that James and Elizabeth sold about 8 small parcels of land in Amwell Twp. between 1803 and 1814. Several of these were part of a larger tract James bought on May 1, 1799 from jacob and Rachel Holcomb.

Dubbs describes the location of James' farm as follows. Aunt Susie looked but had not yet found it when she took these notes:

James I. LaRue's farm lay on the old York Road, between Ringoes and Lambertville, NJ one mile from Lambertville. It is not owned by Cornelius Barber (1924). The house is the first farm-house to which you come in going from Lambertville to Mt. Airy. It is on the left-hand side of the road, fronts the East and has a large yard in front, between the house and the road. There used to be a large pear tree here in the yard, near the road, and there used to be a small stone house not far away and a small frame house up back of it farther from the road.

James is widely referred to as James I. Larew. This middle initial has perhaps been given to him by latter day genealogists who wish to distinguish him from other Jameses by using a middle initial formed from the first letter of his father's name. At Mt. Airy Cemetery Elizabeth's stone reads "wife of James S. Larue.

William b. 1789 at Amwell Twp. d. after 1860. He served as private in Capt. Charles Ent's Co. Infantry, Major Isaac Andres Detachment, NJ Militia, War of 1812. Buried Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church (no marker found). Never married and was a carpenter.

Catherine 1791-1802, Amwell Twp.

Peter J. 1793-1860 b. Alexandria NJ, d. Amwell Twp. Married Jane Stout (1796-1878) dau. of Gideon and Sara Stout. He was a teacher. Buried at Mt. Airy. Dubbs says he died at Harbourton, NJ.

Jacob 1794- b. Alexandria, NJ d. Michigan. Married and raised a family in Michigan.

Jerusha 1796-1835 b. Alexandria NJ d. Philadelphia, PA. m. George Woodruff

Josiah 1799 b. Amwell, NJ. d. Stroudsburg, PA. Never married.

Isaac 1801-1828 b. Amwell Twp. d. Lambertville, NJ. Married Marie hart dau. Philip Hart. He lived below Harbourton, NJ with his father-in-law.

Lambert 1803-1859 b. Amwell Twp. d. Harbourton, NJ. He married but Dubbs does not give wife's name. She died in Philadelphia soon after their marriage. He died at the home of his brother, Peter, in Harbourton, NJ.

Mark 1805-1901. b. Amwell Twp. d. Ringoes, NJ. see his page on this site for detail.

John Bowen 1808-1834 b. Amwell Twp. d. Providence PA. m. Joanna Malin 1811-1894. Dubbs says he lived and died at Providence, PA at the Black Horse Hotel with his father-in-law and drove the first stage of the route from Philadelphia to Baltimore.

Sarah Frances 1810-1873 b. Amwell Twp. d. Chester, PA. m. Aaron O. Malin at the Blank Horse HOtel in Providence, PA by Friends ceremony. Dubbs says she went to Philadelphia to live with her sister Jerusha when she was only 14. She attended her brother John's wedding and there met her husband, who was a brother of John's bride. She died at Oakleaf, PA with her daughter and is buried in Media Cemetery, Media, PA.

George Washington 1814-1871 b. Amwell Twp. d. Stroudsburg, PA. m. Anna Jacoby 1813-1870 dau. of John and Anna Jacoby. Dubbs says he went from Lambertville to Easton where he married adn then removed to Stroudsburg where he purchased a farm about five miles out of town, which he farmed until about 1868, when he moved to Stroudsburg, where he became a tax collector. Buried at Stroudsburg, PA.

Elizabeth Rockefeller:
Name: Elizabeth Larue
Buried: 1831, Second English Presbyterian Church, Mt. Airy, NJ, USA

Elizabeth was James' first cousin, daughter of his father's sister Catherine who married Peter Rockefeller.


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