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 Husband: Isaac Larue
    Born: 1727
Died: 15 AUG 1785
Father: Abraham Larue
Mother: Harmekie
    Wife: Jerusha Hyde
    Born: 03 OCT 1735
Died: 11 DEC 1806
Father: John Hyde
Mother: Elizabeth Leverel
01   (M): James Larue
Born: 11 OCT 1758 in Amwell, NJ (2)
Died: 29 DEC 1841 in Amwell, NJ (3)
Spouses: Elizabeth Rockefeller

Additional Information

Isaac Larue:
Buried: 1875, Mt. Airy Second English Presbyterian Church, Mt. Airy, N.J., USA

His parents owned land in Hopewell Twp. Hunterdon Co., NJ at the location now called Harbourton, NJ (The ancient farmhouse still stands adn in 1976 was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Errickson.) It is presumed that Isaac was born here, some two years after it was purchased by his father, Abraham, in 1725.

Isacc's father Abraham in his will of 1747 devised an equal share in his plantation in Hopewell Twp. to his wife Harmekie and to his two sons Abram and Isaac. Upon Harmekie's death or marriage Abram and Isaac are to have an equal share of the plantation. Isaac was not yet 21 for the will stipulates that should Isaac die before reaching the age of 21, then his share would go to Abraham. An examination of the 1771 deed whereby the property was sold to Adam Ege reveals that on April 22, 1756 Isaac released his share to his brother Abraham, excepting only one half of the mines on the premises. Perhaps this occurred at the time of Harmekie's death, or upon the occassion of Isaac's marriage to Jerusha.

On or before April 13, 1768 Isaac and Jerusha removed to Amwell Twp. Hunterdon Co., NJ for on that date they purchased 170 acres in Amwell Twp. which they sold 3 years later on May 3, 1771 to Abraham Deremer and others. It is interesting to note that at about the same date i.e. May 11, 1771 Isaac's brother Abraham sold the Larowe plantation in Hopewell Twp. Karl Larew has established that Abraham and his wife Sarah removed to Prince William Co. and Loudoun Co. in Virginia, later to Fairfield Co. and Newberry Co. in South Carolina, and finally to Greenbriar Co. Virginia (not W. Virginia.). Other members of this family are known to have removed to Virginia. Isaac and Abraham had a brother Jacob who had gone to Virginia and also their sister Susanna, wife of Cornelius Slack. It may have been Isaac's intention to join his brothers and sister in migrating southwardly.

The following story about Isaac comes from a letter of Sept. 15, 1923 from Anna S. LaRue to M. H. Dubbs:
Grandfather Isaac A. Larew sold his farm at the close of the Revolution, intending to go to Virginia to his brother Jacob, who had sold and emigrated some time before, and was urging him to come. he was compelled to take payment in Continental money. the money depreciated rapidly, so that although he had several barrels of paper money, it was of no value, and when Congress pronounced the money dead, he said it might as well have pronounced him dead, and died soon after at Headquarters. Karl Larew questions the validity of this story.

Whatever his intentions may have been, Isaac did remain in New Jersey for it is there that he died in 1785. When Isaac's son James applied for a pension based on his service in the Revolutionary War, James' application contained a statement by James' "cousin" Peter larew about their service together. This statement says that Peter Larew went to live at the home of James Larew's father in Amwell Twp. in the year 1774. Peter remained at the home of James Larew's father throughout the Revolution and until the year 1785 (the year Isaac died) when he removed to Bucks Co., PA with his own father. This document would seem evidence that Isaac remained a resident of Amwell Twp. at least during the period of 1774 until his death in 1785. The identity of this "cousin" Peter Larew has not yet been established. One wonders why he went to live with James Larew's father rather than staying with his own father. Perhaps both Peter and Peter's father went to live with James' father and remained there until Isaac died.

Anna S. LaRue said that Isaac and Jerusha lived at Everittstown and Headquarters, NJ and also Frenchtown.
Children (from Will, Dubbs Notebooks and correspondence between Carolyn LaRue and Mrs. Mary Middleton):

His Estate divided among the following, presumed to be sons:

Abram or Abraham: b. c 1756 d. 1831 or 32 m. Catherine Opdyke, the widow Case, 1744-1815, dau of John Opdyke, merchant, of Headquarters, NJ. When she married Abraham Larew she had one son, Samuel Case. Her father gave her a farm and hotel at Everttstown, NJ. Abraham was a very wealthy man but lost much endorsing for his son Isaac. Abraham and Catherine are buried at Mt. Pleasant.

James (see entry on this site)

Joseph b. c1760 Unmarried. His brother James served as a substitute for him in the Revolution. Nothing more is known of him.

Isaac: the identity of this Isaac remains uncertain. He may have been the Isaac who was b. 1776, married Anna Rockefeller (also called the widow Case like Abraham's wife) in 1800 and went to Ohio and Indiana. If so, then he would have been a minor in 1785 when his father's estate was settled. The estate documents give no indication that Isaac was a minor. He may have been the Isaac Lerrowe who on June 6, 1794 petitioned the Legislature because he was in "Goal of Hunterdon for debt, and has no property to pay for the same and his wife and family now depend on charity, and wishes a law to be passed to liberate him (Dubbs)." Since this isaac had a wealthy brother, Abraham, it would seem unlikely that he would have been the Isaac who was sent to prison for debt. Mrs. Middleton notes the following on this Isaac: "Anna says this son removed to NY near Albany. Can find no trace, 1921," and "later Mrs. Parker tells W. S. LaRue that he descends from this Isaac," and "later she said he was youngest child," and "H.C." says Isaac was b. 1762.

Jerusha Hyde:
Name: Jerusha Larue
Baptised: 03 NOV 1804, Second Church of Amwell, Mt. Airy, NJ, USA 1
Baptized and admitted to full church membership


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