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 Husband: Joseph Parsons
    Born: 01 NOV 1647 in Springfield, MA (1)
Married: 17 MAR 1669 (7)
Died: NOV 1729 in Northampton, MA (2)
Father: Joseph Parsons
Mother: Mary Bliss
    Wife: Elizabeth Strong
    Born: 29 FEB 1648 in Windsor, CT
Died: 11 MAY 1737 in Northampton (5)
Father: John Strong
Mother: Abigail Ford
01   (M): Daniel Parsons
Born: 18 AUG 1685 (6)
Died: 1774
Spouses: Abigail Cooley

Additional Information

Joseph Parsons:
Buried: 1729, Northampton cemetery, Northampton, MA 3
Tomstone recut in 1897
Milit-Beg: King Philip's War
Bloody Indian War
Will: 1729 4
Another long will. "I give and bequeath to my son, David Parsons, all my expenses towards his learning, which I value at 100 pounds.

To my son, Danield Parsons, in money I give him to purchase Capt. John Parsons part of the home lot at Springfield at L40, also one-half part of my 3rd part of the home lot and at Springfield, excepting any part of said allotment I bought of my brother Samuel, at L40, one-quarter part of the town sawmill at L12, in moveables at L8, to half sawmill, where the Iron Works stood at L6, in all one hundred and six pounds to be to him and his heirs forever, etc."

Gets more after mother dies...

Elizabeth Strong:
Name: Elizabeth Parsons


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